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AAA seeks to make our Career Center a clearing house for all jobs of interest to anthropologists. If you work in a non-academic environment, such as a research firm or non-profit organization, please let us know. Information on who is hiring anthropologists today and for what types of positions is appreciated as we expand the scope of our Career Center. Send your information to

Notes to Users
The American Anthropological Association urges job applicants to make sure that job conditions for positions for which they apply allow them to act in ways which conform to the AAA Code of Ethics.

About the AAA Career Center

  • Professional Profile – Helps job seekers showcase their professional experiences to employers with cutting-edge online profiles.
  • Resume Builder – Improves the efficiency of the resume creation process, giving job seekers the means to upload their resume from a desktop publishing program such as Microsoft Word.
  • Document Search – Expands candidates' exposure, increasing their chances to be included in an employer's search. Job seekers create a portfolio of up to 5 (increased from 3) documents and now these documents can be made searchable in the resume database.
  • Job Application Preview – Gives job seekers more control over online applications with the ability to see everything exactly as an employer will before submitting.
  • Plus simplified registration, easier login access, and additional enhancements are on the way!